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Student Accommodation Sydney and Brisabne

Student Accommodation Sydney and Brisabne

Student Accommodation Sydney and Brisabne

Accommodation options for international students

Our Kirana Colleges campuses are close to Sydney and Brisbane where there is a wide choice of accommodation options for our international students. From renting and setting up your own place to living with a family as part of a homestay, there are options to suit every student and all budgets.

H3. Short-term accommodation options

When you first arrive in Australia, you might choose to stay somewhere short term while you settle in and find the ideal place to live.

Short-term accommodation options include:

  • budget-friendly youth hostels
  • hotels or motels
  • serviced apartments
  • AirBnB properties

Short-term accommodation will be more expensive than longer-term options, but they give you the flexibility and time to find more permanent living arrangements.

Youth hostels

Most youth hostels have private rooms. You can save money by cooking and preparing your own meals in shared kitchen facilities. You’ll also have to share bathroom facilities with other guests. Depending on which city and hostel you stay in, you’ll pay around $100 to 150 per week. See YHA Australia

Renting a property

In Australia and as an international student, you can rent your own property by yourself or with friends or family. You can rent through a real estate agent, or directly with the landlord.

When you sign a lease for a property, you’ll need to pay a security deposit called a ‘bond’ which is usually the same amount as one month’s rent, plus one month’s rent in advance. Your real estate agent or landlord holds your bond in trust to cover any damage done to the house while you’re living there. If you take good care of your home, most or all the bond will be paid back to you once your lease ends and you leave the property.

In Australia, most real estate agents and landlords will require you to sign a lease for at least one year.

When you rent, you’re also responsible for connecting and paying for services such as electricity, gas, water, telephone and internet.

You’ll probably need to buy your own furniture, fridge, washing machine and other appliances, and kitchenware, unless the property you rent comes fully furnished.

Expect to budget around $175.00 to $400.00 per week, per person, for renting a property, but these costs will vary depending on how many people you share the property with, how big and where it is. Find out more on our Cost of living in Australia page.

Your rights and responsibilities as a renter

In Australia, landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities, but they are different in each state. It’s a good idea to familiarse yourself with these before you rent a property. To find out more about your rights as a renter, visit:

Share houses

A share house is a great way to keep your living costs down. You share the rent, split the household bills, and maybe even food costs. You also don’t have to worry about buying everything for your home. If you join an existing share house, your housemates will probably already have furniture like couches and appliances such as a fridge and washing machine. You’ll only need to supply your bedroom furniture.

Look for share houses in Sydney or Brisbane on these websites:

Homestay with a family

Get all the comforts of living with a family while studying in Australia. Homestays are a great way to learn more about the Australian lifestyle and share your culture with your homestay family.

Quality homestay providers will offer:

  • private or shared rooms
  • bathroom and laundry facilities
  • meal options
  • utilities such as water and electricity included
  • orientation and support
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • an optional airport welcome service.

If you decide to homestay, we recommend the government endorsed Australian Homestay Network (AHN), Australia’s largest and leading homestay provider. They’ll arrange high-quality homestay accommodation in a safe and welcoming home with a trained host. Because AHN hosts are certified, you can be sure your host will give you the support you need while living and studying in Australia.

Homestay fees in Australia through AHN range from $200.00 per week for a private room with no meals to more than $300.00 per week for three meals a day, seven days a week.

See our Cost of living in Australia page for more details of the costs and options.

Depending on which Kirana Colleges campus you’ll attend, you might want to consider staying in nearby student accommodation. Student accommodation usually includes a furnished, private room with your own bathroom and basic kitchen facilities, wi-fi, access to laundry facilities, and a cleaning service.

Living in student accommodation gives you more independence than a homestay. You’ll have the chance to meet and socialise with other students. You won’t have the same costs you’d have if you rent and set up your own home, but you’ll have to prepare your own meals.

The cost of student accommodation varies and ranges from $150 to $400 or more per week, depending on which city and type of student accommodation you want.

Look for student accommodation on these websites:


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