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Setting up a home in Australia

Setting up a home in Australia

Setting up a home in Australia

Setting up a home in Australia

Setting up your new home in Australia is exciting, though it can be a stressful time with so much to organise. Here are some things to think about, depending on your situation and where you’ll be living.

You can also see the Moving House Checklist on the website for a list of things you can do before moving into your new home.

Mobile phone and internet services

There are many mobile phone and internet service providers in Australia. Some of the big companies are:

There are many more smaller telecommunications companies (telcos) in Australia. It’s worth looking at different phone plans to find the one that suits your needs.

In Australia, you can either:

  • get a handset on a mobile phone plan (usually 12 or 24 months)
  • get a monthly post-paid plan with your own device
  • get a pre-paid account with your own device and recharge your credit when you run out.

See the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s website for information about choosing the right mobile phone plan for you. You might want one that has a bigger allowance for calling overseas, or a bigger data plan might be most important to you.

Most internet plans usually include a monthly megabyte allowance. When choosing an internet plan, it’s important to find out what will happen if you go over this allowance. Some service providers will slow down your speed while others will charge for every extra megabyte you use. Many will also require you to sign up for a contract that can be expensive to break.

You might be offered a discount if you have your mobile phone and internet services with the same company.

See the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s website for information about choosing the right internet service for you.

Getting your water and power connected

Water, electricity and gas

Before you move into your property, you’ll probably need to arrange to have your utility services such as water, electricity and gas connected under your name.

Whether you’re in Sydney or Brisbane, there are plenty of energy providers to choose from. To help you decide, visit the Australian Government’s Energy Made Easy website to work out the best gas and electricity provider for you.

The electricity supply in Australia is 230 – 250 volts and three-pin plugs are fitted to Australian appliances. If you’re bringing electric goods such as a shaver and hairdryer from another country, you’ll probably an adaptor and if your appliances are 110 volt, you’ll need a transformer.

In Brisbane, you don’t need to connect the water at your property.  The water bill will be sent to your landlord or real estate agent. Find out more on the Urban Utilities Website

In Sydney, you also don’t need to connect water services at your property. Find out more on the Sydney Water website.

Buying second-hand furniture and electrical goods

If you decide buy second-hand furniture or electrical goods for your property, you could try looking at the listings on:

Beware of scams where people try to trick you into paying money before you receive what you buy. The Australian Government’s Scam Watch website has some good tips for protecting yourself.

Food and grocery shopping

People coming from all over the world to live, work and study in Sydney and Brisbane, making these cities very multicultural. You won’t have to look too far to find shops, restaurants and supermarkets that offer a taste of home.

There are three Asian and Indian supermarkets close to our Chermside campus and many more not too far from our Sydney Olympic Park campus. There’s sure to be one not far from where you live.

The major supermarkets in Australia are:

Consumer protection

It’s good to know you’re protected by Australia’s strong consumer laws when you buy products or services, including mobile phones and internet services.

If you want to know more about your rights and get information about returning or making a complaint about products and services, then visit either Fair Trading website in your state:


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